Women in Demography

An ever-growing list of active scholars in demography who identify as women or as a gender minority, listed by broad sub-discipline, and with two notable papers.1 2

If you or someone you know should be on this list and isn’t, please fill out this form. If you are on this list and would like different papers highlighted, or if you see any mistakes, email me!

Sub-disciplines are:3

  • Family, social demography
  • Fertility
  • Mathematical, statistical, digital demography, population projection
  • Migration, environment, economic demography
  • Mortality, health, aging, biodemography

  1. Thanks to Rohan Alexander, Paul Chung, Robert Pickett and Leslie Root for their help in compiling the initial list.↩︎

  2. At some point I plan to add Twitter handles to this list too (as suggested by Ilya Kashnitsky, this would also be a good way to see networks); this will maybe happen after semester ends. If anyone would like to volunteer to do this, let me know :)↩︎

  3. As this list has grown the discipline categories have become less useful. At some point I will change the categories to be more informative (again, if anyone would like to volunteer to do this, get in touch :) )↩︎