My research interests broadly fall into three areas:

Statistical demography: I develop methods to improve estimates and forecasts of demographic and health indicators in situations where the available data are sparse or unreliable. This work involves combining demographic and statistical methods to estimate outcomes in developing countries, minority populations, and in small geographic areas.

Health and mortality inequalities: I research how disparities in health and mortality outcomes are changing over time. Recent and current work involves studying the evolution of the opioid epidemic in the United States and Canada, with a particular focus on at-risk populations, such as minorities and new mothers.

Using non-traditional data sources in demographic research: I focus on developing methods to overcome biases and data quality issues to take advantage of new data sources such as web and social media data, and text data. Two current projects include developing methods to estimate migration from Facebook data, and understanding the effect of external events on topics discussed in the Australian parliament.

Peer-reviewed publications

Working papers