Bayesian Demography Lab

The Bayesian Demography Lab brings together researchers from fileds such as demography, statistics, sociology and public health to work on projects related to statistical demography and the study of demographic inequalities.

Current researchers

Postdoctoral Fellows

PhD Students

Visiting Students


  • Ameer Dharamshi MA in Statistics (now PhD student in Biostatistics at University of Washington).
  • Lindsay Katz, MA in Statistics (now Research Analyst, Investigative Journalism Foundation)
  • Heather McBrien, BSc, Statistics and Public Health (now PhD student in environmental health at Columbia University).
  • Jose (Abraham) Morales
  • Riccardo Omenti (Statistics, University of Bologna, visiting student Fall 2023)
  • Jessie Yeung, MA in Statistics (now Research Analyst at StatCan and Sessional Lecturer, University of Toronto)