Distinguishing between real differences and model artefacts in mortality inequality research

A couple of weeks ago, a paper was published in the JAMA detailing income inequalities in mortality across cities in the United States. The research, which was led by Raj Chetty at Stanford University, received wide attention. It is an important contribution to the literature, utilizing detailed income and mortality data from the IRS and SSA to estimate adult mortality by income at the city level. The most striking finding of the research was that, while the rich live longer everywhere, life expectancy for those in the poorer income groups varies substantially by geography.

The Cost of NBA Games

I moved to the Bay Area almost three years ago, just in time to see the Golden State Warriors start to get pretty good. And then they got really, really, good. Being the serious, hardworking PhD student that I am, following the Warriors became a hobby. Turns out that this hobby, while healthier than drugs, may not be any cheaper. I grabbed all data on resale tickets from StubHub for all remaining games of the 2015-16 season.